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SQL is an acronym for Structured Query Language. This is the coding language that we use to interact with a website’s database. Common SQL statements are used to add, update or retrieve data from a database. Some of the most popular relational database software that uses SQL are Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Microsoft SQL Sever and MS Access, though there are plenty more.

While most database systems are fluent in SQL, many also have additional proprietary extensions that are individual to their systems. Proficiency in SQL allows developers and report analysts to achieve any task that needs to be done within a database.

You can learn SQL today through an easy-to-follow, step-by-step beginner’s database course. Our SQL tutorial will teach you all the fundamental and advanced aspects of SQL as well as how to use it effectively. In addition to SQL, you’ll also learn data modeling, so you’ll be able to not just the script the language needed to interact with a database, but also how to construct that database from the ground up.

If you have no prior knowledge and have found yourself wanting to learn SQL, learn databases, or learn data modeling, our step-by-step database course is for you. Start now!